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In the all-important Play-in elimination game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Atlanta Hawks, Trae Young balled out as he scored 38 points with three rebounds and nine assists. Ice Trae lived up to his nickname, as he scored 32 out of his 38 points in the second half. Young scored 16 points in the third quarter as he launched a 10-point comeback.

The 23-year-old continued his hot streak as he added his remaining  16 points in the fourth to finish off the Cavs as their inexperienced young roster faltered showed in the second half. As the final whistle below, Trae Young hit the final nail in the Cavs' season as he waved the Cleveland fans goodbye as their season ended in a heartbreaking fashion.

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After the match Young said, “Early in the game, they were making some reads and making some switches, and I was trying to get my teammates involved. I missed a couple shots, but I needed to stay aggressive, and that's all I did in the second half.”

“We just took care of business,” Young said. “The team we beat tonight definitely deserved a playoff spot, but this year it's so tough. They weren't able to make it. It's just a testament to our team that we kept fighting.”

“Trae has a great deal of confidence in his game”

Hawks coach  Nate McMillan also praised his team’s performance in this elimination game. He said, “Trae has a great deal of confidence in his game, his ability and he continued to believe. I didn’t see any panic in his play. He came out in the second half, and remained aggressive. Those shots started to fall, the same shots that he was taking the first half, they started to fall in the second half.”