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Picture Credit: Twitter

Cricket is a game filled with emotions. Everyone who is involved in it gets the adrenaline rush at some point in the game. While players are free to express their emotions to a certain extent, match officials, especially umpires cannot get too emotional, just for the sake of smooth conduct of the game. But, after all, they are humans too.

An example of the same was seen in a village game. In a video going viral on the internet, an on-field umpire is seen hilariously hiding his emotions after a slip-fielder dropped an easy catch during the game. In the video, the bowler manages to induce an outside edge from the batter but the fielder fails to hold on to the catch.

Amid all this was happening, the umpire was watching things closely. And as the fielder dropped an easy catch, he was seen putting his hands around his head in agony. But as soon as the umpire realized his role, he immediately put his hands down and put his serious face on.

Watch the video here:

Joe Root and Kate Cross react!

Former England Men's team Test captain Joe Root and Women's cricketer Kate Cross also shared their reaction to this viral video. The duo often reacts to such videos and this was one of those moments. After watching half of the clip, Root praised the commentary while Cross questioned why was it (commentary was even there). When, in the last part of the clip, the umpire is seen reacting to the dropped catch, Root and Cross burst into laughter.

Watch their reaction here: