Picture Credit: Twitter

Officiating a cricket match could be an extremely challenging task. Not only is there pressure to make the right decisions, but what makes their job more difficult is the constant scrutiny by media and television cameras, especially in a high-profile event like the Indian Premier League.

And in a recent incident, on-field umpires failed to call a "no-ball." However, commentator Simon Doull not only noticed it but explained it to the fans watching it on TV. As per the ex-Kiwi cricketer, the player fielding at fine leg, Umran Malik, did not come inside the 30-yard-circle before the first ball of the 8th over was bowled, leaving more fielders in the outfield than allowed.

Had this been spotted by the umpire, it would have been called a no-ball. However, the fielding team was lucky to get away with it.

Have a look at Doull's explanation here: