WATCH: Wicketkeeper pulls off one of the most hilarious run-outs in history of cricket

As the batsman made a slow walk back towards the pavilion, the opposition players certainly enjoyed the moment and were expectedly ecstatic. 

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Updated - 21 July 2021 05:28 PM

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Apart from some breathtaking moments and athletic brilliance by players on the field, cricket can also produce some hilarious stuff. There are times when cricketers suffer from a brain-fade moment which can prove to be embarrassing and disastrous for them, but equally funny and rib-tickling for the viewers. While there have been many such incidents in past, the best of them happened recently during an English League match.

The contest was being played between Epping CC and Rainham CC. Epping CC were batting first and their score read 151/7 in 43 overs. There was a lot of pressure on the batting side and they were looking for some quick runs. Ben Little came in to bowl the 44th over of innings and the first delivery of the over produced an extraordinary sequence of events.

What was the non-striker doing?

Ben Little bowled a wide delivery down the leg side as the batsman missed the ball. Wicketkeeper Raj Hothi threw the ball waywardly towards the striker's end which missed the stumps by a long distance. Sarthak Kohli, who was standing at the non-striker's end, left the crease in the hope of stealing a run off an overthrow.

Unfortunately for him, the wicketkeeper's throw missed everything only to find the back of the stumps at the non-striker's end. Sarthak Kohli was left stranded in the middle of the pitch as the umpire raised his finger to end his brilliant knock in the most unbelievable manner possible.

Watch the video here:

Contrasting emotions on both sides

It was undoubtedly a horrific moment for batsman Sarthak Kohli who played a fantastic 48-run knock off 74 deliveries. He was in absolute despair when the ball struck the wickets as he stood and waited for a moment to process what had actually happened. As he made a slow walk back towards the pavilion, the Rainham CC players certainly enjoyed the moment and were expectedly ecstatic.

Kohli emerged as the top scorer for Epping CC as his side could only add 10 more runs to their total, registering 161 on the board. However, the bowlers did a remarkable job to steer their side to a well-deserved victory in the end.


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