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There are various skills in cricket nowadays which are quite rare to find. With so many talented cricketers around the globe, the only way one can stand out amid the crowd is by working on the skill that makes him/her the X Factor. In batting, it could be the ability to hit long sixes as raw power is something which is well appreciated in the T20 format of the game.

However, it is in the bowling department where there are ample opportunities for players to build a unique and special armoury of skills. For pacers, it could be the ability to bowl yorkers or bowl with extreme pace, something which helped Umran Malik get the limelight during IPL 2021. For spinners, it is usually about their ability to deceive the batsmen.

New mystery spinner in world of cricket

'Mystery spin' has become quite a famous term in cricket nowadays with bowlers like Rashid Kha, Sunil Narine, Varun Chakravarthy and much more constantly proving that it is an art which could help them get success against any batsmen on any kind of pitch.

The trend has resulted in various kids across the globe trying to imitate their favourite bowlers and the recent video shared by Sachin Tendulkar proves exactly that the future of cricket would be full of mystery.

The 48-year-old shared the video of a kid on Twitter on Thursday, where the youngster can be seen wreaking havoc with his spin bowling. With a very tricky action, the kid can be seen dismissing the batsmen with his leg-spin bowling and googlies, which look impossible to read.

While Tendulkar was certainly baffled by the kid's bowling, he was also impressed with the attitude and passion of the youngster as he stated, "It's brilliant. The love and passion this little boy has for the game is evident."

Watch the video here:

Fans come up with various comparisons

As expected, the netizens were left bamboozled by the brilliance of the young kid who was literally doing magic with his bowling. While many fans compared him with Rashid Khan considering the fast-action and release, one Twitter user came up with an exciting analysis as he called the kid a mixture of Ravi Bishnoi and Rahul Chahar.

There were praises for the child throughout the comments section as everyone wished him 'good luck' and hoped that he gets the right coaching and direction in his bid to become a successful cricketer in future.