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Picture Credit: Twitter

Scuderia Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto has talked about the updates on their cars for the upcoming race at the Miami Grand Prix. The 52-year-old revealed that the F1-75 will undergo only track specific updates instead of any major updates. 

“We will not have the main one in Miami but still we have a few new parts on the car. Miami is a high-speed circuit compared to the ones we had so far. So certainly in terms of downforce, we’ll run something different”, Binotto said as quoted by The Race.

“We will adapt our car in terms of the downforce level of the circuit"

Binotto was also quoted talking about how the team’s focus will shift towards addressing the downforce related issues. He said, “We will adapt our car in terms of the downforce level of the circuit and continue to work to prevent porpoising, which is still quite visible, certainly more so than Red Bull, and there is still potential performance there that we have to try to achieve. The evolutions will come soon after,” he revealed.

He also curiously added that Miami will be a completely new track and new challenge.

"It's always a compromise between trying to solve it"

Binotto also opened up about how they have maintained high speed even while proposing. He said, “I don’t know how that’s possible. I don't know why the others are not as quick as we are on porpoising. But it's true that we are still suffering from it, since the very start of the winter testing.”

“We put some actions on the car to try to mitigate it but it's not yet been addressed and solved. It's always a compromise between trying to solve it and give up some performance, while maybe in the meantime, you expect to have some porpoising and get the best out of your car.”