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What are few easy and effective fitness exercises performed by professional athletes which anyone can do at home?

In a video shared by ECB, English cricketers Tom Curran and Tammy Beaumont revealed some amazing fitness tips.

Rohan Gulaty Author

Updated - 11 February 2022 11:12 am

Fitness is indeed a very important part of everyone’s lives nowadays. Due to the pandemic, no matter how comfortable the work from home culture is, it does have his side effects, especially on the physical fitness as most of the people spend their entire day sitting at sofas or on beds at home.

There is a common misconception among people that most effective exercises can only be done at gym. However, it is not true at all! What if cricketers, who are professional athletes, tell you that you can follow their fitness regime at home?

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In a video shared by ECB, English cricketers Tom Curran and Tammy Beaumont demonstrate few very easy and effective exercises which can be used to develop explosive strength and upper body strength.

Broad Jump – 1 set of 10

The first exercise suggested by Tom Curran is a broad jump, which can help a person get going instantly. To perform this, one has to stand at a position with feet shoulder width apart and with the help of some momentum from arms, jump as far as you can while keeping your body shape intact.

Vertical Jump – 1 set of 10

The starting position for this exercise is the same as that of ‘Broad Jump’ but there is a slight difference in next step. As the name suggests, a person has to standstill (in squats position) and then attempt to jump upwards as high as you can.

Lateral Jump – 1 set of 10

The third exercise is probably one of the most interesting ones which Tom Curran mentions in the video. It is basically an activity performed by various cricketers as part of their warm-ups, as it’s beneficial for ankle stability. To perform this, one has to jump horizontally on one feet with other feet lifted and vice-versa on other side.

Secret behind developing upper body strength?

After Tom Curran gave some amazing tips, revealing the secret behind developing explosive strength, women’s cricketer Tammy Beaumont gave a sneak peek about how once can develop upper body strength.

She revealed that push-ups is something that everyone should do at home, as it is one of the easiest and most effective form of exercise. However, she also gave some brilliant ideas for people who want to go a step further in their fitness regime.

Beaumont suggested that usage of medicine ball (wall throw) and performing Olympic lifting (Clean and Jerk) is key to her strength. For people who are into fitness and want to push harder in gyms, these could be two activities to adapt in your routine.

Watch the video to understand correct form of performing the exercises:


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