Picture Credit: CSA

The Day 2 of the second Test between India and South Africa turned out to be like a roller-coaster ride as both teams fought hard to stay ahead in the game. For now, both teams are in the game and it is expected to be a decisive day 3. While India will be hoping to pile on as many runs as possible, South Africa would be aiming for the remaining 8 wickets. But will the weather permit both teams to get a move on Day 3?

So far, despite the prediction, the rain gods have shown mercy in this Test and we have seen two full days of play.

Will the third day see any rain?

The forecast for the third day of the 2nd Test also shows chances of rain and thunderstorm. The weather forecast for the day predicts 55% chances of rain and 33% chances of thunderstorms. So, we might expect some halt in the game in the first two sessions.

Here is the detailed forecast for Day 3, January 5, Wednesday

What to expect on Day 3?

After two exciting days, the third day could be a make or break for both teams. The first session will be very crucial for Team India as they would be aiming to not lose any wicket in the first hour. A lead over 250 will be good enough for Indian bowlers on a pitch, which has started to show signs of wear and tear. South Africa, on the other hand, will be aiming for wickets. Anything less than 200 and they would be in with a chance.