What jersey number will Ronaldo wear at Manchester United?

Former Red Devils star Rio Ferdinand dropped a massive hint about Ronaldo's shirt number on Friday.

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Updated - 28 August 2021 01:55 PM

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The year 2021 has witnessed some unbelievable turnarounds, not just in the common world but also in the football fraternity. Lionel Messi left Barcelona after playing for 21 years and moved to PSG to play alongside Sergio Ramos. Meanwhile, Romelu Lukaku went back to Chelsea. In another such turn of events, Cristiano Ronaldo, probably the biggest name in the football world, has decided to go back to Old Trafford for a second stint.

Ronaldo has left his previous club Juventus and will join Manchester United for the next season. Both parties have agreed upon a deal and soon we will see Cristiano Ronaldo back playing for the Reds. But one thing that still remains uncertain is Ronaldo's jersey number at his new club. World football has known number 7 as a synonym for Ronaldo and people prefer calling him CR7. But, as it seems, for now, Ronaldo will not be able to don the number 7 jersey at Man United as Uruguayan international Edinson Cavani wears #7 for the team.

Will Cavani give up his jersey for Ronaldo?

Former Red Devils star Rio Ferdinand dropped a massive hint about Ronaldo's shirt number yesterday. He claimed that Cavani has given up No. 7 for Ronaldo. “Cavani, I have to say, what a man! He saw who was coming to town and gave up the No. 7 shirt,” he had said.

However, in his next comment, Ferdinand appeared to backtrack on his claim. Maybe? I don't know! Does he do that or not? At the end of the day, you know what the problem might be is that the shirts have been registered, maybe. And that might be an issue. So, he might not be able to be No. 7 so we'll see,” said Ferdinand. If Ronaldo doesn't get the #7, he can go for 12, 15, and 28, which are available.

Ronaldo is returning to Manchester United after 12 years. He had joined the Red Devils way back in 2003 and served his team for six years before moving to Real Madrid in 2009. During his first stint at the club, he appeared in 292 games and scored 118 goals. The Man United fans will hope for a similar show from him.


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