Grand Master Varka in Genshin Imapct

Picture Credit: Twitter

One of the most mysterious characters of the game, Varka is the current Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius. The Grand Master has been away for quite a while, leaving the Genshin Impact fans curious about his whereabouts. Varka took off for an expedition, leaving Jean as the Acting Grand Master in his absence. His venture outside Mondstadt was a regular affair, since expeditions are common to this character.

Notably, Varka hasn’t been in Mondstadt ever since he first appeared in Teyvat. With the Grand Master yet to appear in-game, there is much to be discovered about him. However, a few hints reveal some details about his character in the game.

Varka’s personality & strength in Genshin Impact

The Grand Master is known to be liked in Mondstadt and has a carefree and relaxed personality. Despite him not being in the city for a long time, the citizens think fondly of him. Varka also shares a good relationship with Jean, even though they’ve quite different personalities. While Varka is known to be carefree, Jean is known for her discipline and strong work.

Being the strongest in the Knights of Favonius, Varka is undoubtedly known for the immense strength he possesses. He has also been titled ‘Titan of the Knights of Favonius’ by Fatui Harbinger. The Grand Master is skilled with claymore and is regarded as a great leader in Mondstadt. Holding the title ‘Knight of Boreas’, Varka is also known to be a role model to many for his ability to lead.

Travelers also assume that Varka’s moniker has some relation to a wolf, since the name of the mystical wolf boss is ‘Lupus Boreas’. Therefore the title, ‘Knights of Boreas’ fits perfectly to the Grand Master, since titles involving a wolf or lion are only given to the ones with great leadership abilities, as per the Knights of Favonius tradition.

Varka’s future in Genshin Impact

Although the Grand Master isn’t playable in the game yet, given that many Kings of Favonius have become playable characters, it’s speculated that Varka might become playable too. Currently, the Grand Master is adventuring on an expedition, however it’s being said that in the upcoming updates, players could meet Varka anywhere in Teyvat given that he’s often on expeditions.