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A lot has changed in cricket from old times and 5-day cricket is not the same anymore. There have been technological advancements and DRS has become a common norm nowadays to prevent any umpiring howlers. From the sizes of bats to the types of balls, Test cricket is quite different from what it used to be a few years back.

However, one common change that is evident to everyone is the jerseys worn by players in red-ball cricket nowadays. Unlike the past, it's not the plain white shirts anymore! There are names of players written on the back of jerseys (like limited-overs jerseys) and the front part of the jersey is occupied with the name of the nation and the logo of the team's sponsor.

India's Test jersey has the logos of BYJU's (front) and MPL Sports (right chest) who are their main sponsors. Similarly, Sri Lanka have the logos of DIALOG (front) and MAS (right chest) on their Test jerseys which they are wearing during the ongoing Test match against West Indies happening at Galle. But their opponents are wearing a plain white jersey without any sponsor logos on the front of their shirts.

What is the reason behind no sponsors for West Indies?

West Indies have had a long-term association with Sandals Resorts in recent years, with their logo featuring on the national team's jerseys. In their last Test series against Pakistan a few months back, the 'Sandals' logo appeared on the right chest and front part of their players' jerseys. However, it is not the case anymore.

Notably, the board's association with Sandal Resorts came to an end after their 4-year long partnership. In conversation with Nationwide Sports, Dr. Kishore Shallow (vice-president of Cricket West Indies) revealed that their commercial team is in the market looking for new sponsors for the national side. He added that he expects the new long-term deal to be signed very soon.

Unfortunately, no new sponsors could come on board in time for the series against Sri Lanka which is why Kraigg Braithwaite's side are wearing plain white jerseys. Fans would certainly be hoping that West Indies, who were once the giants in Test Cricket, can get some financial aid from any brand in the coming days.