Why is Marshal one of the most entertaining villagers in Animal Crossing?

Some of the characteristics of the squirrel makes him a fan-favourite in the game.

Rohan Gulaty Author

Updated - 12 July 2021 11:38 pm

Animal Crossing features some extremely interesting characters in the game, which are there in the form of villagers. All the villagers have their own unique identity and personality traits which stands them apart from the others. With around 394 characters already in the game spread across various titles, the players often find it quite confusing while making their choices. However, there is one character that all the 'Animal Crossing' fans certainly need to know about - Marshal.

Marshal - The cute squirrel

Marshal is a cute squirrel which belongs to 'smug' personality type in the game. Having appeared in four titles of the game, he has a charm which makes him one of the most loveable villagers in the game. With a pink blush on his cheeks and a tinge of lavender in his inner ears, Marshal has a very cute look and is one of the most polite villagers in the game. He can often be seen singing to flowers which the fans adore quite a lot about him.

Why Marshal is a fan-favourite?

But there are some other characteristics which makes Marshal quite an entertaining character. Although he does have a superiority complex and a bit too self-obsessed, he still manages to get along well with all the other characters. But the others often roast Marshal for his vanity which comes out quite hilarious for the players. Here is a conversation of one of the instances in the game:

Marshal: It's too bad you can't see Me in your mirror instead. You're missing out!

Marina: If I saw him in the glass, wouldn't it just be a window? I'd hate to have to hang curtains on my mirrors...

The funny banter between Marshal and other villagers often result in some amazing moments in the game and this is what makes the squirrel someone to watch out for in Animal Crossing. There is a reason why fans love him as he brings in a lot of entertainment with his funny vanity.

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