Wild Rift set to introduce an exclusive skin for Akshan on the mobile version

In League of Legends, Akshan will fight alongside the Sentinels of Light in the pursuit of beating Viego, the Ruined King.

Rohan GulatyAuthor

Updated - 23 July 2021 08:00 PM


When it comes to some of the most exciting skins in gaming industry right now, there is one that stands out in recent times. The newly-introduced 'Battle Academia series of skins' on Wild Rift have became an instant favourite among the players in League of Legends. There are lot of unique characteristics about this skin series which just adds some freshness to the previous roster of skins.

One of the things about the skins in League of Legends is the fact that most of them are quite dark. The theme of most of the skins in the game is very much on similar lines. However, this new series of skins add a lot of vibrancy because of the usage of some unique sets of colour combinations which highly contrast the already-present theme of dark skins.

Mobile players to get an exclusive skin

Battle Academia Ezreal, Battle Academia Katarina, Battle Academia Lux and Battle Professor Graves added a whole new dimension to the PC version of League of Legends. The new skins brought a whole new flair to the game, making it much more exciting for the players.

To add to the excitement among the fans, it has now been hinted that the mobile version of the game could have another set to skins which will be exclusive only to that device. Hence, it could have a different set of skins which have not yet featured on PC version till now.

Battle Academia version for Akshan

The latest post by Wild Rift gives out some details about the exclusive skin for mobile players. It will be based on Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel, who is the newest addition within the game. While the PC version of League of Legends has only released a Cyberpunk version of Akshan as a skin, it is now expected that the Battle Academia version is now set to be launched, which will be exclusive for mobile.

In the game, Akshan will fight alongside the Sentinels of Light in the pursuit of beating Viego, the Ruined King. The journey is surely going to get much more exciting in the new skin which is set to be introduced on July 28 at 5:31 AM IST.


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