Picture Credit: BCCI

India and Pakistan have played a bilateral series long back in 2013. Since then, no Pakistan team has come to India for a bilateral series. The 2012-13 tour ended with Pakistan claiming the three-match ODI series and equaling the two-match T20I series. But that's not the special part about it.

A shocking revelation has been made about the tour of Pakistan to India by then PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf. He has revealed that the wives of Pakistani players were sent along with them to keep an eye on the players. Ashraf has said that this was done to ensure that nothing wrong takes place.

He also said that it was his decision to send the wives of players as he did not want the Indian media to tarnish the image of Pakistani players. Ashraf alleged that every time Pakistani players came to India, the media would write bad things about them and this affected their image. So, he decided to send cricketers' wives to keep a check on the activities of the players.

"Everyone took it in a nice manner and went to India. Everyone remained disciplined. Every time a Pakistan team had toured India, their country would always try to trap us and tarnish the image of our players and country. So that was avoided," said the former PCB chief.

Ashraf further informed that the BCCI had promised that they would send their team to Pakistan for a bilateral series but that never happened.

"We should always try to restore ties with the Indian government in regard to cricket. The biggest advantage we have right now is that General Bajwa is currently occupying the position and he himself wants to see Pakistan cricket prosper. They invited us for a short series and once we went there, I met with BCCI Chairman at the time Narayanswami Srinivasan. He promised India's participation on Pakistan soil granted if foolproof security is given," added Zaka Ashraf.