Yuzvendra Chahal is an entertaining character who is known for his mischievous behaviour. The right-arm leggie is a famous prankster in the Indian dressing room. He is always seen goofing around with his teammates. While the skinny leggie is generally in news for his fantastic spells or pranks, this time it is the complete opposite of these two. Chahal has made a shocking revelation that has taken everyone aback.

The leg-spinner has revealed a 'near-death' experience he faced while he was part of the Mumbai Indians setup back in 2013. Speaking on Rajasthan Royals' show 'Comeback Tales', Chahal said that in 2013, he was a victim of some sort of bullying when he was a part of MI. The cricketer revealed he was hanged from the 15th floor by someone who was drunk.

"Very few people know about it. I never told it to anyone," Yuzi starts the story. "It's from 2013 when I was with Mumbai Indians. We had a match in Bangalore and then a get-together was organized. There was a player who was really drunk, I won't say his name. He overdrank and then called me, took me outside, and then hung me from the balcony," said Chahal.

"Luckily my hand was around his neck (gestures). If I had lost the grip, we were on the 15th floor. Thankfully, a few people came and got things in control. I kind of fainted after that. That day I realized how important it is to stay responsible when we go anywhere," he added.

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Notably, Chahal has once also revealed that he was left tied and was freed when a cleaner had spotted him. Then he had taken two names, Andrew Symmonds and James Franklin. Chahal had said that the duo had tied his hands and legs and his task was to free himself. "But then they had forgotten that they had put a tape on my mouth. The next morning, a cleaner saw me and got me out of it," Chahal had revealed.