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Zest for life: Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr draws parallels between Roger Federer and Stephen Curry

The Warriors interacted with Roger Federer a few years back in China.

Abhishek Sandikar Author

Updated - 14 June 2022 1:20 pm

Steve Kerr

As Golden State Warriors cruise towards their fourth NBA title in the last seven years, their coach Steve Kerr has made an interesting comparison about his team’s best player. While talking in a press conference before Game five of the finals, Kerr compared Steph Curry to 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer with respect to their approach and way of life. 

The Arizona alumni narrated an anecdote where the Warriors met with Federer and GSW forward Draymond Green as the Swiss star talked about the secret behind his longevity. The 41-year-old then revealed how he loves his ‘daily ritual’ which he religiously follows every day. This helps him enjoy his life to the fullest and then train to be highly competitive. 

Kerr said, “And his [Federer] answer was just simple, yet profound. He said, ‘I love my daily ritual. I get up, make my kids breakfast, drop them off at school, go train and I’ve figured out the right training methods to keep me in the best position at my age. I love competing. But every single day, I put my head on the pillow at the end of the day and think, man, what a great day.’ So I think of Steph a lot when I think of that story from Roger Federer. Very, very similar just sort of zest for life and just joy for the process.”

Just the consistency of his routine, it’s like a metronome: Kerr

Steve Kerr then opened up about Step Curry’s training regime which is very similar to that of Federer and helps him develop consistency. He talked about how both Federer and Curry are extremely passionate about their craft which gives them their longevity. 

He said, “Just the consistency of his routine, it’s like a metronome. Every day, it’s the exact same thing. He’s in the training room, he’s in the weight room, he’s on the court. It’s clockwork. But there’s also a sense of joy and energy within that work. He enjoys it so much. He loves the process.

I think that’s one of the things that ties all great athletes together, like talking about the superstar athletes, the Roger Federers of the world, the Steph Currys of the world. There’s a routine that not only is super-disciplined but it’s really enjoyed each day. There’s a passion that comes with it, and that’s what sustains it over time. When you love something like those guys do, you work at it, you get better and you just keep going,” Kerr added. 


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