Hardik Pandya - Big STATEMENT

Picture Credit: Twitter

Hardik Pandya's journey from rags to riches is the perfect middle-class fairy tale. While he grew up in a small apartment in Baroda, he is now known for his extravagant lifestyle, his expensive watches and luxurious property in Mumbai. Through his sheer talent and ability both with the bat and ball, Hardik Pandya has made a name for himself like few others have been able to do in the recent past.

Pandya not only became one of India's fearless strikers who could be used whenever the team needed to put their feet on the accelerator or finish off an inning, but he was also more than handy with the ball, giving the Men in Blue the perfect balance. In a recent interview, Hardik spoke about the various facets of his life, beginning from his childhood to living the dream of playing for India.

The younger of the Pandya brothers also spoke about keeping their feet on the ground when tasting success. In a statement that gives an insight into Hardik's mindset, he spoke about money and how it changes life.

Do not know how many people will play cricket if money is not there: Hardik

"I and Krunal were very strong-headed, so we were able to accept the fact that money is there, but we make sure we never lift a foot off the ground. It might come across like I am flying and all that, but I know at the end of the day, my foot is always on the ground," Hardik was quoted as saying by Cricket monthly.

"Money is good, bro. It changes a lot of things. I am one of those examples. Otherwise, I would be working at a petrol pump. I am not joking. For me, my family was the priority, to make sure my family has a good life," he added.

Hardik outlined how money further pushes a player to do well in his chosen sport. He added that with more cash on offer, there are players who want to push harder as they know the amount will change the life of their families.

"There is a misconception that people should not talk about money. I don’t believe in that, because you are passionate about sport and money matters as well. I do not know how many people will play cricket if money is not there," he said.