Ramiz Raja web ST

Picture Credit: Twitter

Former Pakistan cricketer and current chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Ramiz Raja is trying to improve the stature of Pakistan cricket globally. The successful conduct of PSL 2022, Australia's historic tour to Pakistan and the impressive performance of the Pakistan cricket team have been a few achievements that strengthen Raja's prospect at the helm of PCB.

The PCB Chairman has been consistently trying to explain his mission of trying to put Pakistan cricket on the global map and build its reputation among the most prominent markets of the sport in South Asia. However, in a recent interview, Raja hit back at a local journalist for alleging the board of discrimination against Karachi-based cricketers.

During a press conference at the National Stadium in Karachi, Raja was asked to comment on why cricketers from Karachi are only included in the camp but are not able to make it to the national team. Notably, the reporter cited the example of left-arm fast bowler Mir Hamza, to which the PCB Chairman visibly got upset.

"It’s a very negative and narrow approach. You’re talking about the 1980s, which is impossible in the age of social media," Ramiz Raja said.

Adding further, the PCB Chairman claimed that he will not make any comment as it's very personal to him. "You should not have asked that question. I’m not sure where these illogical ideas come from," he added.

While answering a question regarding stopping players from facing the media, Ramiz Raja said, “Players don't want to face the media as they are wary of the negativity media focuses on. Players themselves do not want to face the media. They think ten times before going in front of you people. The media only covers the negative aspects of press conferences."

In the end, the 59-year-old also showed confidence in his tenure and claimed that any uncertainty about the same is only floating in the media and he does not feel any such problem in reality. "The uncertainty is for you all, I know from within the board that nothing would happen,” he concluded.