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Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) gamers are eager about the new Royale Pass with each major update as it brings unique themes and rewards based on that theme. The A6 Royale Pass was a fan-favourite and hence many are wondering about the A7 Royale Pass as it is expected to be introduced in BGMI with the 3.2 update. 

As per a video released by  YouTuber ClassifiedYT, the Royale Pass will have levels up to 100. The theme will be based on a Transformers theme and the rewards in the A7 Royale Pass will revolve around the theme.

Check out the major leaked rewards from the A7 Royale Pass:

M24, Vector and G36C weapon skins.

Buggy skin.

The A7 Royale Pass will have an upgradable PP-19 Bizon Submachine Gun (SMG) skin. 

Prices for the  A7 Royale Pass

The A7 Royale Pass will bring a male outfit at Rank 100 which can be upgraded with Materials and have the  Transformers theme, like the 3.2 update.  This Royale Pass will be available in two variations. Players can choose a monthly version with unlocked 1-50 levels in the first month and levels 51-100 in the second, or buy the Royale Pass as a whole. 

The monthly edition could cost 360 UC while purchasing the entire Royale Pass would be worth 720 UC. There is one more Royale Pass variant known as Elite Pass. The monthly edition would be worth 960 UC, whereas the Elite Pass for months one and two costs 1920 UC.