"Bringing culture into people’s opinion?"- Ben Stokes questions Harsha Bhogle for his series of tweets criticizing British media

He did not stop there and shared a couple of more tweets questioning different claims from Bhogle.

Ritesh PathakAuthor

Updated - 01 October 2022 05:47 PM


The Deepti Sharma-Charlie Dean runout saga is not going to die anytime soon. The debate over the dismissal is still ongoing and it’s getting heated with every passing day. The two groups- ‘within the rules’ and ‘against the spirit of the game’ are still fighting and are trying to prove their point. Amid all the discussion came a series of tweets from Indian commentator cum cricket analyst Harsha Bhogle bashing the British media for singling out Deepti Sharma. 

Bhogle called the British media’s take a ‘cultural thing’ as he thinks these people are brought up to think that what was done was wrong even if it was well within the rules. This tweet from Bhogle triggered reactions from both the aforementioned groups. England’s Test captain Ben Stokes also joined the bandwagon as he questioned Bhogle for his ‘cultural thing tweet. 

Stokes asked if it was right to bring an entire culture into question due to some people’s opinions. “Harsha … bringing culture into peoples opinion over a Mankad?”, replied Stokes to the tweet from the Indian commentator. 

He did not stop there and shared a couple of more tweets questioning different claims from Bhogle. 

Replying to the tweet that talked about British media bashing Deepti, Stokes pointed that the rest of the world was also reacting, not just England. “What about the rest of the worlds reaction to this particular incident? England isn’t the only cricket playing nation who have spoken about the ruling,” said Stokes. 

“Is this a culture thing?? ….absolutely not,I receive messages regarding the overthrows from people all over world,as people all over the world have made comment’s on the Mankad dismissal, not just people who are English,” Stokes wrote in another tweet. 

The English cricketer then said that he still receives messages regarding that overthrow in the 2019 World Cup final. “Harsha .. 2019 WC final was over 2 years ago, I still till this day revive countless messages calling me all sorts from Indian fans, does this disturb you?” tweeted Ben Stokes. 

Meanwhile, there has been no response from Harsha Bhogle on any of the tweets from Stokes so far.


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