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The fifth and last season of Call of Duty introduced a futuristic theme that comes with new weapons, a score streak, a map, and a theme event. The theme has been designed to enhance the most tactical and competitive elements of the game. COD Mobile Season 5 comes with several new features and updates that aim to bring new excitement and thrill to the gameplay. The main objective behind introducing the features and add-ons to keep players engaged and thrilled throughout the season. 

New Weapon: Machine Pistol 

One of the major additions to the game is the Machine Pistol, which is a fully automatic sidearm, working at its best in close quarters combat with rapid-fire capability. Players would also get access to the Akimbo feature, which would allow dual wielding of these pistols for increased firepower. The weapon would be available to the players throughout the season. 

New Score streak: Emergency Airdrop

With the latest season, players would be able to call in an Emergency Airdrop, which would deliver three supply airdrops to their locations. The score streak would require 1100 points to deploy and provide a strategic advantage by offering a wide range of resources and boosts during intense battles. 

New Map Frequency

Another addition to the gameplay would be the Frequency map which was originally featured in Call of Duty(R): Black Ops IV. It is set in a secretive mountain listening station and offers diverse combat scenarios to the players to intensify action. With this, players can engage in skirmishes along the facility’s periphery or directly dive into action within labs and data rooms. 

New Themed Event: Fractured Society

Apart from all the above-mentioned add-ons, season 5 also brings the ‘Fractured Society’ event, which is set in a world where societal structures disintegrate. For the event, players are required to don masks and scavenge for the battle supplies in the war zones. By completing the challenges, players would be able to upgrade their Ordinary Masks to Premium Masks. Not only this, but they will also grant access to more dangerous areas with higher rewards. 

Some of the most notable unlockables include the Zane-Dark Fibres Operator Skin and the RUS-79U, a compromised weapon blueprint.