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UFC CEO Dana White recently made absurd claims that Power Slap has more followers than football giants Real Madrid and the slap-fighting promotion has more views than any of American popstar Taylor Swift's videos posted ever. However, fans are not having any of White's claims and mocked him by calling him delusional.

In Dana White's recent appearance on the ‘Flagrant’ podcast hosted by Andrew Schulz, the 54-year-old made absurd claims. He claimed Power Slap had more followers than any sports team in 15 months and said, "(Power Slap) has more followers than every professional sport, every professional sports team, we have more followers than them. Every professional sports team, we have more followers than them in 15 months."

When Schulz asked, "Even more than Real Madrid and these soccer teams?" White confirmed, "I don't know about the soccer team but I would say yes", leaving everyone in splits.

Apart from comparing the followers of Power Slap with Real Madrid and other soccer teams, Dana White also claimed that the slap-fighting promotion's viewers are more than any Taylor Swift video ever posted. White said, “We have more viewers than any Taylor Swift video ever posted."

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However, Swift, who has 283 million followers on Instagram and 59.2 million subscribers on YouTube, has a one billion view mark on her top 5 music videos on YouTube.

Dana is confused: Fans react to UFC CEO's claims

Following Dana White's absurd claims, fans took to the comment section of the video and slammed White by sharing the difference between Real Madrid and Power Slap followers while others mocked him on Swift's claims.

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In the end, Dana White believed Power Slap is the fastest-growing sport in the world claiming that in 15 months the sport has seen greater success than anything he has ever been involved in.