India’s Yearlong Esports Championship - Esportz Premier Series, is set to reach its conclusion over the coming days in Mumbai. Two years ago the idea of an open for all tournament with a community-first approach was created providing a platform for amateurs, novices, and pros to compete at one singular stage.  

The tournament started off in January 2022 with five esports titles and attracted over 15000+ players and 2000+ teams. Talking about the tournament, Santosh Smith, Director of Capital Group, said: “For the last two years, the competition has served as a stepping stone for everyone who has aspired to go pro. It makes us happy to know that so many gamers from all around the nation are able to benefit from the opportunities offered through Esportz Premier Series.”

Here’s all you need to know about the  Esportz Premier Series Grand Finals:

What are the esports titles included in the Esportz Premier Series Grand Finals?

VALORANT, Clash Royale, Street Fighter V, Free Fire Max, and Rocket League

When will the Esportz Premier Series Grand Finals take place?

The Grand Finale will take place between January 3rd to 6th, 2023 in a hybrid style. The first two days will be online events, while the remaining events will be hosted at the Opal Convention Centre in Mumbai.

How many players took part in the Esportz Premier Series Grand Finals?

Over 15000+ players and 2000+ teams have competed in the 18 open online qualifiers held over the year 2022, bringing in more than 11M+ online gamers. The qualifiers ended with 98 of the best esports athletes from India’s Esports circuit for the Grand Finale

Who are the Winners of Esportz Premier Series 2022 Open Qualifiers?


Lethal Esports – Qualifier 1 Winner

Revenant Esports – Qualifier 2 Winner

Enigma Gaming – Qualifier 3 Winner

ROG Academy – Qualifier 3 #4 Placement

Gods Reign – Qualifier 4 Winner

Reckoning Esports – Qualifier 4 Runner Up

Street Fighter V:

Ayan Biswas – Qualifier 1 Winner

Mayank Prajapati – Qualifier 2 Winner

Bhagwant Singh Bagh – Wildcard Winner

Aditya Verma – Wildcard Runner Up

Clash Royale:

Abu Baqar – Qualifier 1 Winner

Qumber Ali Rizvi – Qualifier 2 Winner

Samith – Wildcard Winner

Jefferson Andrey Ortiz R – Wildcard Runner Up

Rocket League:

Pineapple Cake – Qualifier 1 Winner

NHK Esports – Qualifier 2 Winner

Yikes – Wildcard Winner

Kachow – Wildcard Winner Runner Up

Fre e Fire MAX:

Blind Esports – Qualifier 1 Winner

Deadrow Esports – Qualifier 1 Runner Up

Team Mafias – Qualifier 2 Winner

Team Evolution – Qualifier 2 Runner Up

TSG Army – Qualifier 3 Winner

Godlike – Qualifier 3 Runner Up

Hex Esports – Qualifier 4 Winner

Orangutan Elite – Qualifier 4 Runner Up

Aslaaa Esports – Wildcard Winner

Operax Esports – Wildcard Runner Up

Xtreme Troner Esports – Wildcard #3 Placement

Vasiyo Esports – Wildcard #4 Placement