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In a hilarious incident in the European Cricket League, fielders’ effort turned into a series of comic errors. In one of the clashes between Independent Cricket Club and Donaustadt, a goof-up by fielders’ became a nightmare for their side. The match saw Donaustad batting first, and they posted a target of 148 runs for their rivals. During ICC’s innings, Donaustad’s fielders engaged in a goof-up, which ended up gifting a boundary to their counterparts.

The incident occurred in the first over, where the bowler threw a wide ball that passed through the legs of the wicketkeeper. However, a fielder standing just near the boundary line gave his best and stopped the ball just when it was about to reach the boundary. While attempting the boundary save, the bowler ended up falling across the advertisement boards. 

This was not it, as just when he picked up the ball, the fielder collided with the wicketkeeper and the ball fell from the fielder’s end to cross the boundary line, gifting their counterparts four runs. While the fielder was left devastated by what just happened,  the hilarious series of comic errors left everyone in splits, including members of both camps. 

The video was posted on the official page of European cricket, accompanied by the caption, “Fielding heroics meets comedy gold” Talking about the match, despite the hilarious incident, Donaustadt didn’t let the match go out of their hands and ended up restricting at their counterparts at 133/5 to claim a 14-run win.