“F***ing s**t club: Fans fight over mankad dismissal in Australian domestic match

Despite copping the Mankad, Kew went on to win the one-day game by four wickets.

Ritesh PathakAuthor

Updated - 21 November 2022 02:13 PM


Even though the International Cricket Council (ICC) has legalized the ‘Mankad’ dismissal, the debate around the same is not going down any soon. Whenever there is such kind of dismissal, the debate reignites. The same happened during a match between St Bernard’s OC and Kew in the Australian domestic circuit.  

As St Bernard’s OC bowler Kyle Adams run out Kew opener Andrew Chalkley, the batter looked unhappy and so was fans of Kew. The fans of the two teams got into a verbal spat after the dismissal. While Bernard OC’s fans advocated for the legality of the dismissal, Kew fans slammed the opposition team for adopting such kind of dismissal. 

On Sunday the reactions of players and spectators in the stands could clearly be heard on the live stream. “Stay in your crease, simple!” one man could be heard yelling. “Very simple, stay in your crease!” But another screamed: “You’re an embarrassment to sub-district cricket!” One spectator, clearly supporting Kew, declared: “F***ing s**t club if that’s f***ing acceptable.”

Despite copping the Mankad, Kew went on to win the one-day game by four wickets.

The viral video also garnered significant attention from fans on social media. Once again, the two sides presented their arguments to justify their choice. 

"I don’t understand why this isn’t universally accepted. If a player leaves their crease before the ball is bowled then they are simply cheating imo. I know it’s not in the ‘spirit’ of the game, but shouldn’t the batter show the fielding team the same ‘spirit’ & play by the rules?" tweeted one user. 

Check out the reactions: 


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