Blayze Games' eagerly anticipated FireFront Mobile first-person shooter has announced its second phase of public limited-alpha testing, which will be accessible to only a few thousand people, according to the developers. The continued excitement has been effectively maintained by the developers' consistent progress reports. 

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There are many exciting elements to look forward to, such as large areas, destructible structures, a new weapon skin system, and top-notch graphics that guarantee an enjoyable visual experience. Without verified sources, tests will be conducted on iOS and Android devices. The precise start date for testing is still unknown.

The official social media handle of the game announced the second round of alpha testing on Twitter. It also suggested that the users join their discord server to register for the testing. Check out the post here:

Since the game is in the alpha testing stage, an official release date for FireFront Mobile FPS isn’t revealed. In other words, it will take some time until we get a complete release, and there will be pre-registrations before that. FireFront Mobile FPS will be available for free download on Android and iOS smartphones after its global launch.