Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was sentenced for three years in the Toshakhana case. Khan was accused of profiting from the sales of expensive gifts, while he was in power. During the hearing, Khan wasn’t present in the court. Not only this, but the former Pakistan PM has also been barred from participating in political activities for the next five years. Khan shared a video message on his social media that he had recorded before the arrest. 

The video uploaded on Khan’s official Twitter was captioned, “Chairman Imran Khan’s message:  My arrest was expected & I recorded this message before my arrest. It is one more step in fulfilling London Plan, but I want my party workers to remain peaceful, steadfast and strong. We bow before no one but Allah who is Al Haq. We believe in La illaha Ilallah”

Watch the video here: 

After the verdict of the court, Islamabad Police arrested Khan from his residence in Lahore in coordination with the Punjab Police and was sent to Islamabad. PTI General  Secretary Omar Ayub Khan, in an official statement, said,  "Imran Khan has been arrested. Peaceful protest is every Pakistani's constitutional right." 

Earlier on Friday, Khan's plea against trial proceedings was rejected by the Pakistan's Supreme Court. Meanwhile, Khan's lawyer Intezar Panjhota said,  "Police have arrested Imran Khan from his residence.  We are filing a petition against the decision in high court."