Former WWE executive thinks there is “huge possibility” that Vince McMahon is a vampire

In an interview on Story Time with Dutch Mantell, Prichard talked about the unreal zeal and commitment that McMahon had towards his job.

Prithvi MishraAuthor

Updated - 14 November 2022 05:57 PM


To say that former WWE CEO, Vince McMahon is a workaholic would be an understatement. Vincent Kennedy McMahon changed the entire wrestling landscape and made it a global phenomenon. For over four decades, McMahon ran things and was infamous for his over-the-top antics while handling the biggest wrestling promotion on the planet.

In a recent interview, former WWE trainer, Tom Prichard confessed that he thinks that Vince McMahon is a vampire. Now, the reason why he would say such a thing is the sheer relentlessness he saw in Vince McMahon.

Throughout his tenure, McMahon was a disciplinarian and wanted things a certain way. McMahon is known for his borderline bizarre eating and sleeping habits. In an interview on Story Time with Dutch Mantell , Prichard talked about the unreal zeal and commitment that McMahon had towards his job. 

Prichard also stated that McMahon would conduct the morning meetings in his gym clothes, right after his morning workout session. During the interview, Mantell asked Prichard whether Vince McMahon is a vampire or not, to which Prichard replied that there was a possibility.

“Huge possibility. I don’t know man,(when did Vince sleep) he’s just a different breed. He’s like that Lauren Michaels. He’s like those guys who are driven and that’s what drives him. They don’t need food, they don’t need sustenance. They just need something to take in and absorb,”

Earlier this year, Vince McMahon stepped down as the CEO of the organization amid various scandalous allegations. Now, Vince’s son-in-law, Triple H has complete creative control, and the WWE fans are absolutely loving it.

However, there are various WWE legends, who speculate that the former Royal Rumble winner is still pulling the strings from behind the curtains. But this scenario seems highly unlikely as the current WWE regime has changed drastically.


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