Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

There is no doubt that MS Dhoni holds different kinds of prowess when it comes to wicket-keeping. With his thunderbolt wicket-keeping style and having batters dismissed in microseconds, MS Dhoni surely tops the charts when it comes to managing the game from behind the stumps. While Dhoni’s skills and judgement powers have never gone wrong, there has been a popular debate going on since 2011, particularly when he turned bowler for some time during the India vs England Test series. However, 12 years later, when the debate seemed to have settled down, the former England cricketer took to Twitter to seek the clip from the Lord’s Test. 

Taking it to Twitter, Pietersen said that he has been in the hunt for the video that would put a rest on all the speculations that he was MS Dhoni’s first Test wicket. He said, "I’m actively seeking the clip from the Test match at Lords to put to bed all these claims that I WAS Dhoni’s first Test Wicket. I hate to break it to you - I WASN’T!” Replying to Pietersen, a fan uploaded the video of the first innings when England were batting at 219-3 and Dhoni had trapped Pietersen edging on the delivery. Pietersen quickly took the DRS, and it was reviewed that KP was adjudged and not out. 

On taking the review, the umpire signaled not out when the DRS technology provided no angle that proved that the English batter was out. The debate got popular when Dhoni said during one of the past editions of the Indian Premier League that Pietersen was his first Test wicket. 

Fans react to Pietersen’s statement; come in support of Dhoni

In no time this statement turned into a meme fest and fans came up with funny reactions.