The International Cricket Council (ICC) has become a victim of phishing and has lost close to two million US dollars. The global governing body has been recently robbed by a fraudster as he/she managed to get clearance for a payment of USD 500,000. It’s said that the FBI is investigating the matter but there has been no lead so far.  

A user on Twitter claimed that this was the third or fourth instance of the ICC losing money due to phishing and the total loss incurred has reached USD 2 million. The user gave a reference to the Indian web series ‘Jamtara’ to explain the scenario. 

“A "Jamtara" has happened with the International Cricket Council (ICC),” the user states in a Twitter thread. “The ICC too has become a victim of "phishing". Some crook created a fake email ID in the name of one ICC's consultants in USA and wrote to the federation's CFO, raising a US$500,000 voucher to be cleared for payment. Nobody in ICC noticed the different bank Ac No either,” he added. 

“Apparently this was done so neatly that the payment got cleared. Scary! And apparently, this is not the first time the ICC has suffered this. 3rd or 4th instance probably or more. The total loss so far is to the tune of US$2m already. Someone said FBI is investigating.”

The user then also requested memes on this incident and others were quick to take part in the contest. 

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