Indian Football League - Mumbai City vs Goa

The second leg of semifinal 1 will see Mumbai and Goa clash for the glory after tie in the first leg. So who will emerge victorious in the battle of champions and former champions?

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Updated - 09 March 2021 10:34 AM

Indian Football League - Mumbai City vs Goa

Phew! That was some semifinal! That's all for today's coverage of Indian Football League. Thank you for tuning in to SportsTiger, and now your host Harshil Pandit will take the leave and prepare for the clash that will decide second Finalist - ATK Mohun Bagan vs NorthEast United.

The Islanders will row the boats to their first FINAL of the Indian Super League after a dramatic finish from penalty shootout.

18 - Mumbai City SCORE - Rowllin Borges seals the FINALS FOR MUMBAI!!!!

17 - FC Goa MISS - Glen Martins hits it wide!! BAD MISS!

16 - Mumbai City SCORE - Mandar Rao Desai slots it in bottom right corner to keep things level

15 - FC Goa SCORE - Adil Khan gets team ahead with cool finish!

14 - Mumbai City SCORE - Mourtada Fall sends goalkeeper wrong way to score! Mumbai City 4, FC Goa 4.

13 - FC Goa SCORE - Jorge Ortiz does his job with powerful shot. Mumbai City 3, FC Goa 4.

12 - Mumbai City SCORE - Amey Ranawade gets his team on level! Mumbai City 3, FC Goa 3.

11 - FC Goa SCORE - Ishan Pandita sends goalkeeper wrong way to make it Mumbai City 2, FC Goa 3.

10 - Mumbai City MISS - Jahouh's shot is parried away by Naveen Kumar.

9 - FC Goa MISS - Donachie blasts it over the bar! Mumbai City 2, FC Goa 2.

8 - Mumbai City SCORE - Raynier finishes it cooly! Mumbai City 2, FC Goa 2.

7 - FC Goa SCORE - Gonzalez hits it in top corner! Mumbai City 1, FC Goa 2.

6 - Mumbai City MISS - Boumous tries panenka but is too predictable and Naveen Kumar saves it. Mumbai City 1, FC Goa 1.

5 - FC Goa SCORE - Angulo converts! Mumbai City 1, FC Goa 1.

4 - Mumbai City MISS - Hernan Santana's shot is saved by Naveen Kumar. Mumbai City 1, FC Goa 0.

3 - FC Goa MISS - Brandon shoots to his right but his shot hits the woodwork and flies away. Mumbai City 1, FC Goa 0.

2 - Mumbai City SCORE - Ogbeche slots it to his right. Mumbai City 1, FC Goa 0.

1 - FC Goa MISS - Edu Bedia shoots to his left, but Lachenpa jumps and parries it away.

SUBSTITUTION for Mumbai City FC. Amrinder is furious as he is taken OFF with Lachenpa ON.

---- PENALTIES ----

WE ARE GOING TO THE PENALTIES! Fate of Best of the West and that much-needed sit to Finals will come from Penalty Shootout. Tie your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen!

[120'] SUBSTITUTION for FC Goa. Dheeraj Singh goes OFF as Naveeen Kumar comes ON prepared for penalty shootout.

[116'] Annoyance from Islanders camp as Mourtada Fall is seen shouting on backline for not catching on loose balls. The fatigue has also seen both the sides slow down considerably. Is penalty shootout inevitable in this semifinal affair?

[110'] Injury woes for FC Goa as Dheeraj Singh goes down after collision with teammate Ivan Gonzalez. It will be interesting to see if Ferrando uses his last substitution for goalkeeper. Or will Dheeraj get up in time to continue?

[108'] YELLOW CARD for Sanson Pereira. FC Goa defender is the first player from team tonight to be cautioned after bringing down Vikram Pratap Singh.

SECOND-HALF EXTRA-TIME: FC Goa get us underway at GMC Stadium again. They are in Black, playing from left to right.

[105'] END of FIRST-HALF EXTRA-TIME: Drama at GMC Stadium remains goalless.  Following the whistle, we will see last 15 minutes.

[103'] YELLOW CARD for Mandar Rao Desai. Mumbai City full-back will miss Finals (if Mumbai City qualify) as he sees second yellow of the semis for a bad tackle.

[102'] DOUBLE SUBSTITUTION for FC Goa. Noguera and Gama OFF, Angulo and Brandon ON.

[96'] Heat in the game as FC Goa players are not happy with refereeing. Noguera has been brought down twice and he complains to referee by taking his shirt off and showing scars, but in vain.

FIRST-HALF EXTRA TIME: Mumbai City kick off the first half extra time. They are playing from left to right in Blue.

ON TO EXTRA-TIME! Referee has blown his whistle as the regular time has come to an end without any result. Following the goal drought, contest will now enter into 30-minutes of extra time. The first 15 minutes' half to start shortly.

[90+2'] DOUBLE SUBSTITUTION for Mumbai City. Vignesh and Le Fondre OFF, Mandar and Ogbeche ON.

[90'] 4 minutes is all we have before game enters extra-time! Can any team get the last minute goal to book the berth to Finals here?

[89'] SUBSTITUTION for Mumbai City. Bipin OFF, Vikram ON.

[87'] A half to forget for the Islanders as they are yet to get a shot on target. Surprisingly enough, Mumbai City have not made any substitution either, while FC Goa have utilized 2/5 of their subs.

[82'] Following the drinks break, both the teams are trying to exert whatever energy they have. The Gaurs look in some problem as goalkeeper Dheeraj Singh is down and getting on the field treatment here.

[77'] SUBSTITUTION for FC Goa. Romario OFF, Sanson ON.

[75'] Drinks Break. The battle for Best of the West remains goalless with 15 minutes of regulation time remaining. Remember, if the scoreline stays the same after full-time, match will go in extra-time. If there are no goals even in extra-time, the result will decided on penalties.

[68'] The battle for possession has now started. Following back to back attacks, both the teams are now looking to get control of the ball and control the tempo of the game.

[62'] NO ONE SHALL PASS!! Amrinder keeps Mumbai City in match! End to end stuff sees 2 big chances within a minute as first Mumbai City rush and get a chance to go ahead. Le Fondre is in perfect position to hit a cross from the left flank but Adil Khan's timely tackle sees it away. And that starts a move for FC Goa who end up with Romario sprinting down the right flank. Winger sends in a low cross at centre and Ishan Pandita matches it with a powerful diving header, but Amrinder has decided not to get beaten today!

[58'] The Gaurs have finally slowed down after an attacking spree that saw them squandering 2 set-piece opportunities. Mumbai City are back with the ball possession and are rotating the ball quickly to find the gaps in Goa' structure.

[50'] FC Goa have decided to fire all cylinders right from the start as a built-up move leads to cross from Ortiz from the left flank. While the ball falls in centre, Ishan Pandita is not there as he has pulled defenders ahead with him, making space for Romario. The Indian winger gets a clean shot on goal, but Amrinder is quick to go down and make a fingertip save!

SUBSTITUTION for FC Goa. The Gaurs will start second half with Ishan Pandita replacing Redeem Tlang.

SECOND HALF: FC Goa kick-off the second half. They are in Black, playing from left to right.

Stay tuned as we will begin second-half coverage shortly.

HALF-TIME: Referee blows his half-time whistle to halt the adventure at GMC Stadium. Time for coaches to go back to board for second-half strategy. It is Mumbai City 0, FC Goa 0.

[45'] Will the Gaurs take the lead or Mumbai draw the first blood before half-time? Only 2 more minutes remain to find out!

[41'] Mumbai City are dominating the half now as they are recycling the possession and waiting for chances. On the other hand, FC Goa have dropped back deep and have compacted the structure to break the passing lanes of Mumbai. The Islanders will need to be as creative as they can to get lead before half-time!

[37'] FOUL! Mumbai City win free kick right outside the box. Following the rapid transition by Mumbai, Adil Khan can do nothing but bring down Adam Le Fondre right outside the box. The Islanders try to execute a clever set-piece routine with ball being rolled at edge of the box to Boumous. The midfielder goes for the glory, however, fails to keep his shot within the frame.

[30'] Drinks Break. First half an hour at GMC may have been goalless, but still maintained the excitement. End to end football has forced defenders to be much busier than usual as Adil Khan for Goa and Ranawade for Mumbai City kept their sides safe.

[27'] WHAT A BLOCK! Amay Ranawde keeps the scoreline intact with an excellent tackle. The move from Goa on counter attack first saw Noguera taking a shot at the goal. Although Amrinder came off line and managed to parry it away, ball fell kindly to Ortiz, who just has to keep a shot on target and roll ball in an empty net. The Spaniard does exactly that but Indian full-back perfectly times his tackle to save Mumbai's night.

[21']  Following a series of attacks from Mumbai City, this time FC Goa finally breaks out once more and manage to win a corner. The set-piece opportunity goes in vain as Mumbai City do not face any difficulty to clear it.

[16'] YELLOW CARD for Vignesh Dakshinamurthy. Mumbai City defender is first player of the night to go in books for rough tackle on Alberto Noguera.

[11'] End to end stuff! Both the sides are transitioning rapidly in order to get that early lead. Although none of the sides are have tested goalkeepers yet. Who will open the scoring at GMC Stadium tonight?

[5'] CORNER for Mumbai City. The men in blue have cleared their attacking intent right form the start. However, cross from Bipin Singh gets deflected and results in corner. The set-piece is squandered as Goa clear away the threat.

KICK-OFF: Mumbai City get us underway at GMC Stadium. They are playing from left to right in Blue.


Mumbai City Playing XI: Amrinder Singh (GK/C), Amey Ranawade, Mourtada Fall, Ahmed Jahouh, Vignesh Dakshinamurthy, Raynier Fernandes, Hernan Santana, Hugo Boumous, Rowllin Borges, Bipin Singh, Adam Le Fondre.

FC Goa Playing XI: Dheeraj Singh (GK), Ivan Gonzalez, James Donachie, Adil Khan, Saviour Gama, Alberto Noguera, Jorge Ortiz, Glan Martins, Alexander Jesuraj, Edu Bedia (C), Redeem Tlang.

Welcome to the second leg of semifinal 1 of the Indian Super League: Mumbai City vs FC Goa. The champions will clash against former champions to book the berth to Finals after 2-2 draw in the first leg. Tie your seat belts, for we are going to begin our coverage shortly.


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