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Internet sensation and Cristiano Ronaldo superfan IShowSpeed got bitten by a dog in the streets of South Korea. Darren Watkins, better known as IShowSpeed by fans and followers, keeps making headlines with his hilarious and unusual antics. One of Speed’s funniest characteristics is barking at dogs and humans trying to rile them up. 

However, the youngster had to face the repercussions because of his ability recently. Speed is currently on his trip to South Korea, and in a recent incident, the streamer got bitten in the face by a dog after he barked at it during a broadcast. Watkins encountered a woman in South Korea who was carrying a white dog, and much like his nature, he couldn’t resist barking at the pup and started sniffing it. While the dog didn’t do anything at first, the small animal ended up biting him when Speed got too close to it. 

IShowSpeed gets bitten by dog in South Korea

As seen in the viral video, the YouTuber was on the roadside when he spotted a pup with its owner and approached the same. Speed got excited and got too close to the animal while barking and sniffing at him. While the dog didn’t do anything at first, it seemed it had enough as it ended up biting the streamer as his face got too close to his mouth. 

Needless to say, the sudden reaction by the animal came as a surprise to the steamer and confronted the owner about the rabies vaccine. He said, "Oh f*ck, I am bleeding. F*ck I am bleeding. You got rabies?” Later he added, "I am suing you, I am suing you. I am trolling, I am trolling, I am not. It was my fault. Oh my f*cking god, you are okay, you are okay." However, the steamer later approached the dog and calmly said, "It's my fault baby, my fault. I am sorry, did I scare you?"