Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

KSI is set to fight Tommy Fury in what is sure to be a massive event due to the reach of the highly popular YouTube star-turned boxer. The influencer and the reality star are going to fight in a pay-per-view event later this year, though the exact date has not been revealed as of now. But fans might have a good idea of exactly when it's scheduled though, due to a potential leak during Misfits 008.

Fans were tuned into Misfits 008 on Saturday night when Misfits boxing CEO Mams Taylor was being interviewed on stage. When Taylor was asked what was ahead for Misfits during the DAZN broadcast, the lights in the venue went out and the CEO ran backstage. The words Misfits 009 showed up on the big screen behind him with the date October 14. Fans also noticed that the Misfits 009 poster had the same design as KSI’s bandana and the word ‘Fury’ written on the cross. 

It seems more likely that this was a teaser for the fight rather than an unintentional leak on the part of Misfits boxing. 

KSI vs Tommy Fury back on track after rumors of the fight falling through

It seems that now it can be said with some certainty that the KSI vs Tommy Fury fight will be happening, but it was not always so clear cut. 

Initially it was thought that Tommy Fury would be facing a rematch against Jake Paul, but the latter went in a different direction and chose to fight Nate Diaz instead. Fury wanted to capitalize on the immense burst of popularity he received for winning that fight by continuing to box influencers. 

KSI went against Fury after a fight against Joe Fournier in May, and for a while it was reported that the two were in talks for a fight. These plans appeared to fall through, however, when concerns about the weight and height differences between the two emerged.

Taylor, who is also KSI’s manager, said at the time, “Whether it’s on or off, we should know some time this week. I’m just going to let you know, this week is going to be an interesting week.” Now it looks like the concerns have been resolved and the fight is back on track finally.