Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen - Ferrari's boss predicts the winner of Formula One 2021 championship

Apart from talking about the thrilling battle between Mercedes and Red Bull, the 51-year-old also reflected on Ferrari's performances so far this season.

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Updated - 11 August 2021 04:36 PM


The ongoing Formula One 2021 season is proving to be quite an exciting affair for everyone. Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton finally have a task up to their sleeves with Red Bull and Max Verstappen giving them a run for their lives. Going into the summer break, Mercedes had a 12-point advantage over Red Bull, while Hamilton was 8 points clear of Verstappen. With still more than half of the season left, things can go either way.

Reflecting on the incredible rivalry that has emerged this season, Ferrari's boss Mattia Binotto has now given his prediction for the potential F1 2021 champion. The 51-year-old admitted that he is really enjoying the on-track battle between two amazing drivers and want the title to go down the wire. However, he did add that if he has to put his money on someone, it would be Lewis Hamilton.

I would bet on Lewis: Binotto

Talking about the F1 championship, Binotto said, "It’s an interesting challenge between two great drivers, and I hope they will fight to the end. If I had to bet, I would bet on Lewis because I think Mercedes will win it at the end.”

However, he was full of praise for 23-year-old Max Verstappen who has really pushed Hamilton to the limit so far. The 51-year-old opined that it would be great if Max and Red Bull could go on and win the championship, ending Hamilton's and Mercedes' dominance. "I also applaud Max. It would be good for the sport if the status quo is broken," concluded Binotto.

Ferrari boss believes they have the best driver duo in F1

Apart from the thrilling battle between Mercedes and Red Bull, there is another exciting fight going on for the third spot in the constructors' championship between Ferrari and McLaren. Both the teams went to the summer break on 163 points each and this will be another battle to watch out for the remainder of the season.

Mattia Binotto admitted that Charles Leclerc has been slightly unlucky this season, missing out on a potential victory and podium at Monte Carlo and Hungary, respectively. The 51-year-old also added that despite the impressive performances from Carlos Sainz, there are better things to come from him in the next half of the season.

”I am convinced that with Leclerc and Sainz, we have the best driver duo in Formula 1. They are talented, fast, young, and a guarantee for the future, " said Binotto. Ferrari would be hoping to continue from where they left as F1 returns on August 29 with Belgian GP 2021.


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