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American professional wrestler and influencer Logan Paul announced that his Prime Hydration brand has filed a defamation case against Ryan Garcia over his derogatory remarks on the Drink brand. The case has been filed at the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas. 

The development came after Garcia’s continuing targeting of Prime drink on the part of a feud with Logan Paul. On Thursday, his sharpest arrow came down through an Instagram post where he claimed about the addition of caffeine in Prime Energy and how it can be dangerous for children. He posted a Google result of the claim and added a caption, “Logan Paul, come on bro you hurting kids you pedo allegedly.”

Challenging the claims by Garcia, Paul defended his brand and sued the 25-year-old through an Instagram post. He posted a picture of the lawsuit and wrote a big caption stating the reason for the negative branding of his company and added the facts about the drink to state there was no harm in consuming the drink. In the end, he also needled on Garcia’s positive PED tests. 

Garcia responds with ‘Kids in Gaza’ text to Paul 

After the announcement of the lawsuit, Garcia didn’t hold back as he responded to the case by posting a screenshot of the texts from Paul, where he was threatening the 2021 World Boxing Interim lightweight title. In the post, Paul wrote, “You’re a b****! I’m going to take everything from you. Including the food out of your kid's mouth,” adding “Go pray to your god” and “You gonna be sorry like the kids in Gaza.”

Replying to his screenshot citing it as a fabricated text, Logan said, “This was Ryan’s response, by saying I’m killing kids. Dog, I don’t even know what you’re talking about. You don’t have my number, I don’t have your number, and yet you continue to lie. This is why we’re suing you for defamation. You are so stupid. Prime has a thousand employees and we’re a multi-billion-dollar business.”

He added, “It’s not just me, so we’re certainly not going to let you come in here and damage the company for attention. And by the way, the lawsuit, the suit we’re filing, is in Texas, so there’s a mutual combat law if you’re feeling some type of way and want to duke it out outside the courtroom.”