Picture Credit: YouTube

Picture Credit: YouTube

Virat Kohli, who is currently in his birth city of Delhi for the upcoming IPL clash between Delhi Capitals and Royal Challengers Bangalore, met with first coach Rajkumar Sharma alongside childhood friend Shalaj Sondhi and his mother Neha Sondhi. On May 6 (Saturday), he is going to appear in his first match after a heated altercation with the team mentor of Lucknow Super Giants, Gautam Gambhir, which resulted in both of them getting fined for 100% of their match fees.

On the latest edition of the RCB Bold Diaries on YouTube, the interaction between Virat Kohli and his childhood folks was shared for everyone to see. The biggest takeaway from this behind the scenes video was the moment when Neha Sondhi revealed that Kohli once said to her, “Dekhna main ek din itna bada aadmi banooga aur kisi heroine se shaadi karoonga.” The moment happened during a match at the Madan Lal Academy, when the West Delhi boy saw the poster of a big film or ad outside the venue.

She also talked about the time at the Rajkumar Sharma Academy when Virat Kohli used to love eating ‘aloo sabzi.’

“Virat ko chote aloo bohot pasand the. Tiffin bhar ke wo lekar jaati thi. Tiffin lekar bhaag jaata tha and sab bachche uske piche,” Neha Sondhi remarked.

Shalaj Sondhi, her son, chimed in on friend Virat Kohli’s eating habits during his days as an upcoming cricketer and said, “Virat and me, used to have momo, chowmein, and burgers at a Chinese van called ‘Chuk-Chuk Mail’ outside the academy. We used to have competitions who can eat more.”

Meanwhile, the first coach of the RCB opening batter, Rajkumar Sharma detailed the day that Virat Kohli came to his academy nearly 25 years ago. He said, “On May 30, 1998, he came to me with his brother and his father. Within a few days we could see that he was very different from others, very active, very hyper and very naughty guy. He was very determined and dedicated, he wanted to dominate from Day 1. He had tremendous self belief that I can do anything. Shalaj and Virat were very thick friends from my academy.”