The Memphis Grizzlies’ Ja Morant has recently unveiled two new back tattoos dedicated to NBA legend Kobe Bryant. One of the tattoos shows off Kobe’s ‘sword’ iconography that was used on a lot of the late player’s iconic logo and the other is the number 24, which was immortalised by Kobe with the Lakers, with the word mentality written over it. 

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Bryant was a player known for his perseverance and mindset and coined the phrase ‘mamba mentality’ describing the killer instinct of a top player. Morant shared his new ink on social media where fans reacted positively to his decision to honour one of the NBA’s greatest-ever legends. 

The two tattoos are featured on his lower back and are right next to each other. The sword and the 24 complement each other. Other tattoos revealed by Morant include the Grizzlies’ logo, quotes about God and family, an eye at the centre of his chest and the logo of Dream Chasers records. 

Morant hoping for a comeback

Ja Morant is no stranger to controversy. Despite emphatic performances on the court, off-the-court issues have plagued the young star for the bulk of the year. First suspended in March for eight games for flashing a gun on camera, he was suspended again in May for the same reason. He is currently serving his suspension. 

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This season at the Grizzlies, Morant will have a team of veterans around him. Marcus Smart and Derrick Rose joined in the free agency. With these moves, the Memphis administration and fans hope that a more veteran voice around the young player will help him curb any off-the-court issues.