Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

Free Fire India is due to launch in the upcoming weeks, and popular esports organization, Orangutan has already announced its roster for the upcoming season. The game will make a return to the country after a hiatus of more than 18 months, and the mobile gaming community is eagerly waiting for the title to be available in India. 

Vinay “Hades” Rao, the Head of Esports at Orangutan Gaming, had earlier revealed their plans for Free Fire when he mentioned the idea of having two rosters since the team has 7-8 Free Fire players under the Orangutan Gaming brand. He had also claimed that the organization would get information about Free Fire’s return about one and a half or one week before the game’s return date. However, only one lineup consisting of six players has been announced so far. 

Orangutan released a video on YouTube announcing the list of six players, quoting, “As the sun breaks through the clouds, casting aside the shadows of despair, our players receive the game-changing news: FreeFire is UNBANNED in India! The joy, the relief, and the sheer exhilaration of this moment are palpable as we unveil our new and revamped roster that signifies the beginning of a new chapter, a fresh battle, and a promising journey ahead.”

The post further added, “Join us as we introduce the incredible talents who will be representing Orangutan in the 2023-24 FreeFire season. Get ready for intense action, mind-blowing strategies, and unforgettable moments on the battlegrounds.”


Lokesh “Pahadi” Karakoti

Ajay “AB Jonty” Banga

Jayesh “Mr Jay” Yadav

Naitik “Old Monk” Khoshto

Amin “Amin” Kureshi

Farhan “Farhannn” Shaikh