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The T20 format is one of the most loved and in-demand formats in cricket, and its popularity has been growing with each passing day. With the introduction of several T20 leagues and tournaments, cricketers and fans have started to watch the format more, for this format is quick and ensures thrill in every second ball. 

T20 cricket is generally dominated by batters and some hard-hit sixes. The ICC T20 World Cup is undoubtedly the most coveted tournament in the format. Over the last nine editions, batters have displayed their skills to hit some of the most epic and powerful sixes, while some etched their names in record books for hitting the most sixes. 

5 players with most sixes in T20 World Cup

In this article, we will have a look at the five cricketers with the highest number of sixes. 

Chris Gayle: 63 sixes

chris gayle

West Indies great Chris Gayle is regarded as one of the most powerful and destructive batters to have played the game. Fondly called the ‘Universe Boss’, Gayle made a total of 33 appearances in the T20 World Cup from 2007 to 2021, where he recorded 63 sixes, which is the highest by anyone so far.