The Kylian Mbappe and Paris Saint Germain saga has brought out new shocking development as a leaked letter between both parties has surfaced online. Mbappe has been unhappy with his situation in Paris and has been pushing for a way out as reports revealed he wanted to exit PSG as a free agent next year.

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He reportedly conveyed this decision by sharing a letter with the club which further led to controversy, leaving other PSG players unhappy. Now, a letter, which is PSG's response to Mbappe has surfaced online which addressed how the club has gone above and beyond to keep the Frenchman happy at Parc de Princes by bringing some top players to the club. Further in the letter, PSG also stated the club wants Mbappe to leave the club on a transfer this summer or sign a new extension.  

The leaked letter, reported by RMC Sport, states,  “First of all, it is essential to remember that the spirit that dictated our discussions in the spring of 2022 was always to see you continue with Paris Saint-Germain - a family that has done the impossible for your career for so many years while allowing us, when agreed with you, to respond favorably to a transfer request.”

“This spirit was found in all our discussions, which are continually carried out in the benevolence that we maintain within our Club. It is moreover in this spirit that you appeared on May 21, 2022, at the Parc des Princes to announce your collaboration with a "2025" flocked jersey, which was very clear to all our fans and the world football community.”

“You will therefore understand that your letter - apparently signed a few weeks after your extension announcement and its global impact (and well before the end of the summer transfer window 2022) and its "leak" (one year later) concomitant with its reception did not fail to cause us enormous damage, going contrary to the spirit of our discussions and moreover announcing to the market that you would be free on June 30, 2024, thus aggravating the damage caused to the club.”

“PSG recalls that given its investments in the world of football, Mbappé's future can only be a transfer this summer or an extension beyond June 30, 2024, "which was clearly established between us. That's how all the great players, like you, left their clubs, leaving a lasting legacy and, in turn, helping the club that has helped you - and supported your family - since you were a teenager.”

“The club also wants to justify itself on the famous failed transfer window last summer, pointing to the French and European "regulatory constraints" and recognizes that the "very ambitious" recruitment envisaged could only be "partially achieved". "Conditions completely beyond our control but despite which we have tried to meet your demands (unlike what we would have for any other player), without being fatal to the club.”

“The fact that you apparently signed your letter of non-renewal only a few weeks after the start of the transfer window underlines the lack of sincerity of this position.”

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“It is urgent to be able to meet in order to define together the best option for the parties, namely: a renewal for the 24/25 season or a transfer from this transfer window, these are the only options to avoid a lasting paralysis of the club caused by your recent actions.”

“The Deputy Director of Professional Football will get in touch with your advisers in order to quickly agree on this appointment. We hope that these years of commitment, goodwill and unprecedented investment in your future will lead you to think about the future and the supporters of the great club who have supported you all this time.”