The Women’s Premier League 2023 Auction got underway at the Jio World Convention Centre in Mumbai on Monday. The first name to get auctioned was India’s premier batter and vice-captain Smriti Mandhana and as expected an intense bidding war was seen at the auction hall. Mumbai Indians started the bid for Mandhana while Royal Challengers Bangalore wasted no time raising their paddle too. 

In no time, the Indian batter became the first millionaire. The bidding war became more intense as Smriti soon entered the 2 CR list. However, with neither franchise backing out, Smriti’s bid crosse 3 CR. Eventually, RCB won the bid and bagged their first player at the WPL 2023 Auction. 

While Mumbai Indians and RCB were fighting neck-to-neck to secure the services of Mandhana, the cricketer was nervously waiting for her fate. Mandhana was joined by her teammates who were cheering for every successive bid. Eventually, when Mandhana was bought by RCB, the cricketer screamed in a joy and was congratulated by her teammates.

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