After winning the Test series against Sri Lanka, the Pakistan captain Babar Azam went viral on the internet for something he was wearing under his jersery. As the second Test in India's favour, Azam and a few Pakistani players interacted with crowd and even gifted his shirt to young fan. 

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But as Azam took off his jersey, it appeared that the Pakistan captain was wearing some sort of a vest, which fans on social media dubbed as a 'sports bra'. Further, some fans joked about the top-order batter by calling him 'barbie azam' and 'Barbee'.

Check out these reactions here:

Putting aside these comes, the Azam's vest isn't a sports bra rather it is an athletic equipment known as a ‘GPS Vest’. This garment is a fitness trackers are commonly used by athletes across sports to analyse their performance on the field. 

The vest has a GPS, accelerometer, and magnetometer technology placed near the shoulder blades and tracks various metrics such as the distance covered, top speed, sprint distance, and total sprints. This information helps athletes to track and improve performances over a period.