adam zampa mes vs mer sportstiger

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Adam Zampa-led Melbourne Stars took on Melbourne Renegades in their seventh match of the season. The Renegades won the match comprehensively as they beat the Stars by 33 runs. It was the fifth defeat for Adam Zampa and Co. in seven matches. While Stars lost the contest, their captain ensured he gets some footage as he attempted a mankad run out. However, unfortunately for Zampa, the on-field umpire adjudged the batter not out. 

In the last over of the Renegades’ innings, Adam Zampa noticed that Tom Rogers was backing up too far and hence tried to run him out. On the fifth delivery of the over, Zampa pulled out of his bowling action and whipped off the bails at the non-striker’s end. However, the on-field umpire, after consulting with the third umpire, turned down the appeal. Zampa was then also spotted questioning the decision. 

Watch the video here:

Later, it was explained that the batter was adjudged not out because Zampa completed his action without letting go of the ball. Rogers had barely exited his crease but he wasn't watching Zampa's hand. 

The Marylebone Cricket Club also explained why the batter was not given out despite him being out of the crease when the bowler dislodged the bails. 

“The non-striker can be run out if he/she is out of his/her ground up until the moment the bowler would normally have been expected to release the ball. That means when the arm gets to its highest point. The bowler is *not* entitled to go all the way around in the bowling action and then run the non-striker out,” tweeted MCC. 

Notably, ICC changed the laws around the mankad mode of dismissal. While it was counted against the spirit of the game earlier, ICC said that such dismissals would be counted under run out.