OnlyFans models Astrid Wett and Alexia Grace are set to face off in a boxing match, and the theatrics have already started even outside the ring.   During a pre-match presser, the two models bickered over the belt that is in question, as well as their upcoming Saturday night fight. Things got particularly heated when Astrid Wett pushed Alexia Grace and caused the model to fall to the ground. The situation was shared by Happy Punch on Twitter, as well as a video of Alexia calling out Astrid for her cheap shot.

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In the video, the two are arguing over who is the stronger fighter before Alexia looks away for a brief moment at the promotional poster behind them. Astrid takes this chance and shoves Alexia to the ground before looking triumphant. In another video shared by the promotion, Alexia Grace calls out Astrid for her cheap shot and reiterated that Wett waited for Grace to turn her back in a moment of vulnerability and then pushed her as hard as she could.

She said, “This girl couldn’t even push me when I was looking at her. She deada** waited for me to turn around for her to push me. I turn around, lost balance and she just shot a quick shot and sent me flying.”

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Long time feud to be settled on Saturday

The pair have had issues with each other since Misfits Boxing 007 in May when they traded punches after Grace threw water on Wett during a press conference. With a potential bout not picked up, Grace started her promotion to host the fight and settle the beef in the ring. After their open workouts earlier this week, the two came together for a press conference which led to the pushing incident. This was preceded by Grace throwing a fish on Wett earlier in the presser. 

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Wett stated, “I think she's crazy wanting to get in the ring with someone who's had two fights before. I'm not a good boxer, I've been doing this for a year but she's not even had one fight. On paper, I should easily win, but I feel I'm more determined than she is and I'm here to prove a point. She's just here because she wants a bit of clout.”

Grace responded, “I was a bit nervous yesterday but after being in front of the cameras, I'm used to it now and that's why I made a grand entrance. My gym is full of female amateurs and I've been sparring every single day. My gym wouldn't put me in for a fight if they didn't think I was ready, they wouldn't ruin their name by doing that.”

The fight will take place in London on Saturday, July 29 at the Wett Production 001 event.