Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

Conor McGregor was recently filmed fleeing his aunt Pamela McGregor’s funeral on Tuesday. The fighter is seen getting into a car while surrounded by security before quickly driving off. The wake was held at Prenton, Merseyside, and the Police were notified at around 8 pm about a brawl at The Saddle Pub.

Police say that, as of now, no arrests have been made and no official complaints have been lodged. McGregor previously remembered his aunt on Twitter, posting numerous photos of the two of them together. He posted a number of photos to social media showing both his dress as well as his family at the wake. It is not known yet what caused the brawl at the Wirral pub or any of the participants.

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Fans were further confused when the Irishman later posted a voice message to Twitter where he impersonated a Liverpool accent and said, “Murder, murder, everybody out. Scousers on the golly. Birkenhead is McGregor's.” The meaning of the cryptic message is also unknown as of now while it was later deleted by the 35-year-old.

Watch Conor McGregor flees family funeral:

Police still investigating the case

In a statement to Mirror Fighting, the police said, "We were called to The Saddle pub in Prenton, Wirral, at 7.50 pm last night, Tuesday, July 18, to reports of an altercation. Officers attended the pub and spoke to a number of people. Further enquiries are being carried out to establish what has taken place but at this stage, no complaints have been made and nobody has been arrested.” Conor McGregor and his team are yet to respond to any inquiries about the incident.

The five-time World Champion is gearing up to fight Michael Chandler, hoping to make progress after a broken leg injury that has sidelined the Irishman for months. McGregor and his team hope that the fight will go ahead in the coming months.