credit: Twitter

credit: Twitter

UFC President Dana White's new show, Power Slap has been aired and the contender  to become the first Power Slap welterweight champion, Michael Smith, who is popularly known as Slap Jesus, left everyone in splits including White on Wednesday night. During the weigh in for the Episode 3 of Power Slap: Road To The Title, Slap Jesus arrived for the weigh in wearing a 'diaper'.

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The long-haired native of California is  the underdog in the Power Slap competition as Christopher Thomas is considered to be the favorite to win the welterweight title.

During the third episode of Power Slap, Smith weighed in wearing a diaper before his fight against Jesus Gaspar as. White said, "Slap Jesus never fails to entertain, the guy shows up to the weigh - in a diaper for the biggest fight of his life. The bottom line is this guy is a competitor."

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Smith told Sports Illustrated that he grew up in the "Attitude Era of WWF, with The Rock and Stone Cold, right when Ultimate Fighting Championship became popular."

Earlier on Wednesday, former UFC welterweight champion Michael Bisping went at the backstage to interview the Power Slap contestants and everyone wanted to get slapped by him. However, Slap Jesus slapped the UFC play-by-play presenter first but the whole segment is considered as a promotional activity.

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