WATCH: Ex-NFL player Antonio Brown flashes his P**** at a woman in Dubai swimming pool

The incident happened at the Armani Hotel in Dubai.

Abhishek SandikarAuthor

Updated - 02 October 2022 02:52 PM


Infamous NFL receiver Antonio Brown once again has become the centre of the news cycle as videos of the former Super Bowl winner jumping in a pool nude at a Dubai Hotel have gone viral. Brown was seen shoving his buttocks into the face of a woman in an outdoor swimming pool at a swanky Dubai hotel. 

He a lso was seen lifting his private parts out of the water and thrusting them in her direction, as guests were shell-shocked. The incident happened at the Armani Hotel Dubai and the woman involved was visibly uncomfortable as the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers wideout had pushed all the limits.

The two eyewitnesses told The Post that Brown continued to flaunt his private parts multiple times after the recording ended, rudely asking the woman: “You want it?”. The sources said the woman was visibly livid and was later seen yelling and complaining to others about the incident.

Brown was asked to leave the hotel shortly after the incident. The hotel had also received multiple complaints from other guests about Brown’s antics, the source said. The complaints included Brown allegedly not adhering to United Arab Emirates dress code customs by flaunting his bare chest to guests inside the hotel.

Reacting to these video claims, Brown addressed how despite being retired the media has been spreading misinformation about him. While writing on Twitter, he posted, “It’s crazy to me that even after I retire there is disinformation coming out about me. Ironically, during a time when the NFL is getting heat for allowing players to play when they’re clearly concussed. They’ve been using black men as guinea pigs.”

“Every chance they get to sway the heat off themselves they use me. In the video, you can clearly see she runs off with my swim trunks. If roles were reversed the headlines would read “AB having a wild night with nude female”. Yet when it’s me it automatically becomes a hate crime”


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