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During the New York Knicks’ trip to the TD Garden in Boston, a female fan, seated in the front row, was caught on national television, making a biting gesture at Jalen Brunson. The Knicks defeated the Celtics 118-109 in the Thursday night game, on the back of yet another impressive Jalen Brunson performance in offense, scoring 39 points in total.

The New York Knicks dominated the first three-quarters of the game, taking a massive 29-point lead over the Boston Celtics. Although the home fans at the TD Garden saw a better display of basketball from the Celtics players in the fourth and final quarter after all the regulars were retired for the night, scoring 38-18, it was far from enough to trouble the Knicks.

Jalen Brunson was also iced for the fourth quarter by the New York Knicks coach, Tom Thibodeau, which meant that he missed out on the third straight 40-point game. 

On the social media platform X, a video has gone viral from the game, wherein a female fan made a biting gesture at Jalen Brunson. Although the New York Knicks guard didn’t notice the biting gesture, because he had backturned when it happened, the moment was captured on the live broadcast, and the fans haven’t stopped hyping it since then.

Moreover, while Jalen Brunson spoke about having the Celtics’ number on the night, Tom Thibodeau remarked that these kinds of wins don’t count any more than any other game. The Knicks coach also said, “But they’re (Celtics) a good test for us to see exactly where we are.”

Here is the female fan with a biting gesture at Knicks' Jalen Brunson: