Picture Credit: Twitter

Picture Credit: Twitter

During the NFL season opener for the Washington Commanders against the Arizona Cardinals at the FedExField in Maryland, a fight broke out in the grandstands, with videos going viral on social media. But amidst all the skirmish off the field, the Commanders managed to put away the Cardinals by 20-16, with a spirited comeback in the final quarter on September 11, Monday.

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In one of the viral clips, on a soaked afternoon at the FedExField, a man, who was in the Baltimore Ravens jersey, got into a confrontation with another man in the Washington Commanders jersey. While these two men fell on the staircase along with the crowd nearby, due to constant pushing and shoving, a woman in the Commanders jersey kicked another woman in the back of her head while she was laying on the floor.

The second video of the incident shows the same man in the Baltimore Ravens jersey getting his face punched in by a man, while he was forcibly restrained on the staircase by another man. The stadium staff member kept on looking at the fight for a few seconds, before he finally decided to separate everyone.

The man who was punched at the FedExField talked to 7News about his side of the incident. He was quoted as saying, “There was a gentleman a row ahead of me. He started being disrespectful. We shared a few words but then he nudged my shoulder. When he did that, I leaned back over to nudge him. There was a gentleman in my aisle that came and pushed the whole aisle. My girlfriend fell on the ground. I fell on the ground.”

“There was another fan that grabbed me from behind and restrained my arms. I'm thinking it's event staff. I didn't know it wasn't event staff until I saw the video circulating online. As I'm getting restrained in front of CSC event staff, there's another fan that came and assaulted me six times in my face. I got up. I didn't charge the fan. I started walking to be escorted out. As I'm walking out, I'm asking event staff, 'Why did you allow that to happen and why is it that he's allowed to go back to his seat, and I'm being ejected?',” he added.