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American YouTuber and streamer IShowSpeed, who is an ardent Cristiano Ronaldo fan, is currently in  South Korea during his Asian tour. The 19-year-old streamer created a lot of content on his Korea trip as he interacted with locals while many fans surrounded him for pictures. In a viral video on social media, Speed walked out on a date after asking the girl to pick between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

The American streamer was recently out on a date with a Korean girl in a restaurant. Speed asked the girl to pick between Portuguese legend and his idol Cristiano Ronaldo, and Argentina captain Lionel Messi. After the girl picked Messi over Ronaldo, Speed covered his face in disappointment and moved out of the restaurant, where a huge crowd of fans were waiting to have a glimpse of the streamer.

Watch IShowSpeed walk out on a date in South Korea:

Speed interacts with Kiss of Love, female fan, and South Korean police

Speed, whose real name is Darren Jason Watkins Jr., made several videos in South Korea including his dance video with the KPOP group Kiss Of Life.

Watch Speed taking dance tips from Kiss of Life here:

Apart from that, the YouTuber engaged in a barking session with a Korean police officer, who was criticized by the Koreans on social media. The Police officer later released a statement, apologizing for his actions in the viral video.

Watch Speed and Korean police officer barking at each other here:

In another viral video, Speed was spotted asking a female fan's phone number in front of her boyfriend. The fans surrounded Speed's car to take autographs and pictures, and the American streamer asked a girl, "Can I get your phone number?" After confirming, the girl gave her number.

Watch Speed asking girl's phone number in front of her boyfriend here: